Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arrivederci Indiana!

Hello to my lovely followers! I'm so glad you are here to share my experiences in Europe with me! I will be leaving tomorrow morning and I could not be more excited! The last couple weeks are a complete blur as I was constantly worrying about all the details of my trip, but now that it is go-time, I know I am ready!

I will land in Pisa mid-day Friday if all flights go as planned.  My friend (who is also in the program with me -- thank the Lord I have her!) and I are hoping to do a little sight-seeing and then possibly hit up the coast.  I will be without a doubt taking many, many pictures to share! I'm especially looking forward to seeing the Leaning Tower (obviously) but also Nicola Pisano's carved-marble pulpit which is in the Baptistery in Pisa.  Pisano was one of the most important sculptors leading up to the Italian Renaissance period.  In fact, the date of the finished pulpit, 1260, is commonly the date used to mark the beginning of the Renaissance.

This weekend is all orientation programs with my school and classmates!  I can't wait to meet everyone, including my roommates! We will be living in a typical Italian apartment...what that all includes I am not exactly certain!  In any case, I map-quested our address and it looks like we are in a great location -- the heart of the city!

Time to get back to final packing! Next time I'll be writing from Italia!

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