Thursday, July 14, 2011

End of Program & Rome

There is only one week left in my program in Florence and thinking about this seriously breaks my heart. I can't believe I have been here five weeks already.  I feel as though I am finally feeling at home here and now it is almost time to leave!

I have currently five posts in draft form waiting to be published for all of you.  Not bringing my laptop turned out to be a critical error on my part.  The computer lab at my school is only open a few hours after my classes end during the week and there is only one good computer for uploading photos... so you can imagine the difficulties.

Anyway, I am headed to Rome this weekend! Yes, there will be a billion photos, and YES I will share them with you all if not next week then the week I am back in the States for sure! There is so much to talk about I think I could write a memoir from my summer in Florence!

After my classes end, I have a few special places to visit on my own, which, same as above, photos and stories to follow. :)

Hello to my grandparents who are following my blog now as well! I miss you very much and plan on spending some time at the lake with you when I am back!!!

Now, to Roma!

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