Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello; Excuse Me

Day One in the Big Apple was uneventful for the most part, yet I still got goosebumps crossing the George Washington Bridge into Manhattan. Luckily, I've been to New York twice before, including an unplanned visit to the Fashion Institute (before I ever knew I would end up attending here), so navigating was a breeze.  As this is my third year heading to college, the process is quite familiar to me now: pack for hours, drive for hours, unpack for hours, SLEEP.  This time though, the driving part was considerably longer (try about 650 miles versus about 120 miles).  Fortunately, no surprises through moving in, and I'm thanking God that it did not rain today because I had to leave all of my things on the sidewalk outside of my dorm while I checked-in.

The best part of the day by far was heading to McDonalds for a bit of a quick, cheap din din and running into the most entertaining, eccentric elderly ladies in Manhattan.  I was standing in line waiting to order my cheeseburger, and I hear a demanding sounding older lady's voice shout, "HELLO! EXCUSE ME"!  I turn around to see two ladies pushing their walkers yet dressed to the nines strolling in behind me.  The loud one murmurs a "thank you" as she continues in front of me.  They go on to say hi to another friend in the McDonald's and go about their business, knowing that they own this place. Only in this city would I find these characters.  I spose that is how you have to act if you want to be noticed here...a little "hello;excuse me" is necessary in the city that never sleeps.  Hello New York. :]

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